About Vinarius

We never compromise on quality, your leading partner in Norway!

[Vinarius (lat): vintner, wine merchant.]

Vinariusworld wide wines, was established in 1997, and is considered among the leading players in the Norwegian wine industry. As our name suggests, we have built a diverse range of wines from all over the wine producing world, and enjoying a strong presence in both off-trade (the Retail Monopoly) and on-trade.

Considered a key player in the Norwegian market, our team consists of highly dedicated and skilled members.

world wide wines – because we at Vinarius are proud importers of quality wine from all corners of the wine world, stretching from classic wine regions to frequently pioneering the road less travelled in both the old and the new world.

A strong portfolio of wine producers from near and far are keeping us on our toes, contributing to our constant focus on delivering top-tier services on import, sales and marketing of wine and spirits to both on-trade and off-trade.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.



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